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Our services are for companies that

  • have difficulties and are looking for relaunch
  • or need to upgrade their processes to keep a pace of development

Thanks to expertise and special tools we can provide a qualified to make clear the impact on the company performance of initiatives like

  • re-engineering of sales and distribution network or other commercial initiatives
  • the launch of new products
  • new organization of the production system and new planning process to improve efficiency, service level and cash to invest in the initiatives of the previous points

We operate by means of

  • qualified education and training on production planning and management (APICS)
  • integrated supply chain management
  • re-engineering of demande, production and purchase processes
  • decisions support by means of process simulation in manufacturing, services and distribution
  • validation of new configuration of production and distribution systems by means of dynamic simulation
  • design and deployment of performance measurement systems (KPI)
  • revision of reorder policies and parameters used in the production planning system adopted by the company
  • revisione of products' costs
  • evaluation of competences for the supply chain management activities

For what concerns more directly the operations management, we can find answers to questions like the following

  • how can we improve the service level without increasing the stock levels?
  • how can we prevent obsoletes creation?
  • which is the new purchasing plan following the new forecast for finished products?
  • what is more convenient to assemble or sell to reduce stocks?
  • do we have enough capacity to support growth? until when?
  • how can we setup and manage reorder policies and parameters for our production planning system?
  • how should we modify the layout of facilities and group materials to obtain a good cell layout?

If you have other questions that you would like to share with us to find a solutions, please contact us!