Paneido è sinonimo di vent’anni di esperienza con i sistemi di pianificazione e simulazione. La nostra filosofia è rendere semplici e veloci le attività quotidiane e praticabili le soluzioni ai problemi meno ricorrenti: phase-in/out di prodotti, adeguamento capacità produttiva, ottimizzazioni, ecc.

<A HREF="" target="_blank"></A>, a free webapp to quickly verify personal or family cashflow


It's quite usual to take paper and pencil or to open a spreadsheet to plan and verify family or personal financial situation, in particular when times are changing. Using daily the Cowry application for owrk, it has been straightforward to try and use it also for these little tasks and a year ago we made a simple tool, just for us, to let us know our financial future. But one day we told ourselves: "Given that this tool is still useful for us, why don't we make it available to everybody?". We have created a frienly user interface, we have generalized some features and the free webapp is born. We think that this way we give back something to the community that in all these years helped us so much with suggestions and tools. Enjoy!



It's now on-line our new website

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