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For twenty years we have been making the difference for companies that want control their supply chain and operations with training, consulting and exclusive technologies

Advanced planning

Overtake the limits of your ERP and spreadsheets in planning supply, production and distribution

In-memory computing

Fast computations enable simulations of future scenarios and prompt decisions for your business

Python ecosystem

Means rapid availability of reliable and effective solutions also for complex problems


Compute demand forecast in aggregate or detailed manner using the most powerful algorithms, compare them to sales plans and evaluate production and purchase plans

Finite capacity scheduling

From forecast to finite capacity scheduling of machines and resources in a single integrated environment 

Industry 4.0

Integrated simulation of business scendarios from sales plan to plant events up to suppliers' integration

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Extending the grids' expressions in Cowry

when Cowry misses something



Machine learning in Cowry

Machine learning in Cowry



Why business software sucks

or why spreadsheets are everywhere